How to Backup AVG Antvirus Definitions?

Creating a backup file for the virus definitions helps you to save the time when you format your system and reinstall the AVG antivirus. If you make a back up file for the antivirus, you will not have to download the antivirus again. The updated definitions of the antivirus will help you to keep your system protected from the latest threats and virus. You can easily save the latest AVG antivirus definitions on the CD’s, flash drives or any other removable media.

If you want to create a backup file for the antivirus software, you have to follow some simple steps. In-case if you are having any trouble while following the procedure, AVG support Australia is always there to help you. They will immediately resolve all your issues related to the software. But, before following the steps, you may require CD, DVD or any other removable media such as external hard drive.

1. Click on 'My computer' in the desktop and if 'My computer; is not on your desktop, then click on the 'Start' button and then click on the 'My Computer'.

2. Double click on the 'C' drive or the main hard drive where the AVG is installed.

3. Now, go to the 'Program files' or 'Program Data' according the versions of the windows.

4. Right-click on the AVG folder and choose 'Copy'.

5. Open the other instance or window of 'My computer' and double-click on the external media's drive letter.

6. Now, paste it by right-clicking in any of the empty space in the external media's file window.

7. Return to the 'Program files' and press the back arrow.

8. Open 'Documents and Settings' and select 'All users'.

9. Open the 'Application Data'.

10. Right-click on the AVG folder and click 'Copy'.

11. Open the file window of the external media.

12. Finally, in any of the empty space in the window, click 'Paste'.

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